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Spierings Smart Logistics Spierings Smart Logistics provides tailored solutions for every logistical challenge. The 3 building blocks of our organisation – Smart Loading and Unloading, Smart Storage and Smart Services - enable us to build a matching solution for every customer. One single part of the logistical chain or a complete supply chain: We take care of it. Now that is smart logistics!
Operating Principle Spierings Smart Logistics is a Cross Chain Control Centre (4C), which means that we coordinate and bundle several complex flows of goods. We work efficiently by combining the supply chains of several clients when possible. This means that our method of working is not only sustainable; it is also fast and reduces costs. For your benefit!
Mission Spierings Group’s goal is to transport goods over water in a sustainable way in which the route from the water to the warehousing facilities and storage capabilities, offers substantial advantages by innovations throughout the supply chain. This is done by using inland waterway shipping through its partner: The BCTN. Because of the inland waterway shipping route, your goods can be linked to Spierings Vastgoed (Our real estate department) locations directly from the terminal by using the 4C model.
Strategy We compose your ideal supply chain based on your situation and needs. In this way you can always rely on a solution that seamlessly meets your organization’s requirements. And we know better than anyone that your logistical needs can change. We continuously think along to optimize your logistics and to match it with your wants and needs

Smart loading and unloading


Stevedoring is a particular trade in which efficiency and quality are essential. Spierings Smart Logistics was originally a stevedoring company. Our company’s 35-year history is partially based on large cargo handlers such as Heineken. Thanks to all these years of experience, Spierings Smart Logistics’ stevedores know exactly how to load and unload your goods quickly, effectively and in a safe manner. We use our expertise to optimize the processes required to expedite your supply chain, particularly where shipping containers used in import and export are concerned.

Personal approach

Your wishes and needs are our main concern at Spierings Smart Logistics. Our specialists pay a visit to meet you, adapt to your working methods for handling your goods. A logistic plan completely tailored to your organization is then made. This ensures a personal approach that perfectly meets your requirements.

Checks and measurements

To completely unburden you, Spierings Smart Logistics also performs thorough checks of your goods with customs and legally required gas measurements. Thanks to our years of experience we exactly know the requirements your cargo needs to meet. Your goods are in safe hands at Spierings Smart Logistics

Smart storage

Flexible storage

No matter how big or small your freight is; The safety and quality of your goods are always guaranteed at Spierings Smart Logistics. Whereas many logistic organizations are unwieldy and don’t think along, we work fast and offer flexible storage possibilities. That makes our housing by Spierings Vastgoed - our real estate department - very attractive for processing the flow of e-commerce goods

Central location

Storing goods in ’s-Hertogenbosch offers many advantages. Spierings Smart Logistics is conveniently located near direct connections to all top-locations in the Netherlands and abroad through its proximity to exit routes to highways A2 and A59, Eindhoven Airport and the BCTN (Bossche Container Terminal). Having the Container Terminal in our back yard means your goods can be placed in our storage or hauled onto trucks right away. That also saves a lot of money and is better for the environment.

Inventory management

We also take care of the further handling of your goods. Your inventory management and order processing are in capable and experienced hands at Spierings Smart Logistics. Flexibility is central; we like to think with you as our client and your wishes are the starting point. For example we completely attune our Warehouse Management System (WMS) to your organization and needs. Truly smart storage combined with a centralised stream of information from one point of call for the benefit of your logistics and organization.

Smart services

Logistic consulting

Of course you want to organize your processes in the most efficient way, especially where logistics is concerned. We are glad to be of service. Based on our knowledge and years of experience we can advise you about optimising your current supply chain, which often leads to a reduction of costs or shortening the lead times. Together, we can find a solution that matches your organization and improves processes perfectly.

Value Added Services and Value Added Logistics

We specialize in taking over all your concerns. Our work does not end after the transportation and storage of your goods; we can also help you with additional logistical services. From labelling, stickering and repacking to calculating optimal stacking patterns; we are happy to think with you in your strategies and look for innovative solutions that help you even more.

Tailored Logistics

No matter what your supply chain looks like, you can always come to us. We can advise, but you decide where in the logistical chain the goods control and handover to Spierings Smart Logistics takes place, and adapt our activities to it. Do you want us to load your container in China, or simply collect it upon arrival in Rotterdam? Will we transport your goods to your location or directly to the end-user? Varying from one part of your supply chain to your complete logistic flows; Spierings Smart Logistics provides you with customized logistics.

SMART HUB: Real Estate and Logistics, a unique combination

SMART HUB in Den Bosch is the location for any organisation, whether big or small, in search of flexible logistics solutions. SMART HUB offers a unique combination of long-term and temporary services and business accommodation, tailor made to meet your wishes and requirements. SMART HUB thinks along with you and expands with you.

Our plus points

Customized logistics The foundation of Spierings Smart Logistics is based on three pillars: Smart Loading and Unloading, Smart Storage, and Smart Services. We provide every customer with a matching logistical solution, whether your complete supply chain is concerned or only one link in the logistical chain; you decide which logistical steps we provide and which worries of your organisation become our worries.
Smart planning By smart planning we bundle several flows of goods. Your logistic process is synchronized with other companies’ processes, for example by sharing a container or truck. This approach is very efficient, sustainable and reduces cost!
Top location in 's-Hertogenbosch Spierings Smart Logistics is conveniently located right next to the BCT (Bossche Container Terminal) and is also close to Eindhoven airport. This provides you direct connections to all top-locations in the Netherlands and abroad. And having the Container Terminal in our back yard means your goods can be unloaded and placed into our storage directly from the Container Terminal.
Experienced stevedores Spierings Smart Logistics was originally a stevedoring company. We know exactly how to load and unload your cargo quickly, effectively, professionally and safely. We are happy to perform the checks and measurements involved with stevedoring for you. Your goods are in good hands at Spierings Smart Logistics!
The power of Spierings Group If you choose to work with the Spierings Group, you choose a logistic partner that shoulders your burden from A to Z. Our many years of experience guarantee expertise and optimal service. Whatever you expect from us, we take care of it for you!


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