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We are logistics problem solvers Spierings Smart Logistics has traditionally been a family owned business specialised in stevedoring: skilfully loading and unloading cargo. In recent years Spierings in Den Bosch has developed into an all-round logistics service provider with a large customer base from many different sectors of industry. We are logistics problem solvers. We find stumbling blocks in the supply chain and come up with workable solutions. Flexibility is not a buzz word for us, but daily reality. We can act swiftly when a situation asks for it, whilst at the same time safety and quality will always be paramount. We do what we promise and often even more. This is highly appreciated by our customers.

Our staff have a practical approach to matters, are driven and will always work with customers to come up with the best solutions. Experienced ‘go-getters’, but also highly educated young people, with fresh new insights. Together we are constantly looking for optimisation in the customer’s supply chain. For example by combining the cargo flows of our customers. This is not only sustainable, but also cost effective.
We offer tailor-made logistics solutions Each supply chain is unique, every customer has different wishes and demands. Spierings Smart Logistics offers logistics solutions that fit you, solutions which you require. We can do that for one part of your logistics chain, but also for your entire supply chain. Our foundation consists of 3 building blocks: smart loading & unloading, smart warehousing and smart services. What we cannot do ourselves, we will do in good co-operation with specialised partners.

Our company can be found at an excellent location: close to the motorways A2 and A59 and immediately adjacent to the Bossche Container Terminal. This offers unparalleled opportunities for the fast processing of containers freight. At a stone-throw distance large hubs for parcel freight, a customs office and an international forwarder can be found. This way SMART HUB came into existence in a relatively compact area, where companies co-operate in a close and efficient way, managed by Spierings Smart Logistics. You, as a customer, can benefit fully from this.

Smart Loading & Unloading


Traditionally Spierings Smart Logistics is a stevedoring company. For decades containers have been carefully stowed by hand for the exporting beer market. Stevedoring is still an important pillar of our logistics services. It is a craft in which we have much experience and know-how. Fast, appropriate and safe loading/unloading can give a customer substantial benefits. In order to retain this skill and expertise, we internally pay much attention to the proper training of our stevedores.

At the customer’s site

Besides the loading and unloading at our own SMART HUB warehouses in Den Bosch, stevedores of Spierings Smart Logistics can also work at a customer’s site. This way we are able to locally add value to the logistics process of a customer with our stevedoring skills. Being a specialist in this field we are also regularly contracted by other logistics service providers.

Controls and measurements

In order to alleviate any ‘concerns’ you might have in relation to the loading and unloading, Spierings Smart Logistics will also perform the legally obliged gas measurements of containers. We also check your freight for damage and if needed will check batch and serial numbers. Thanks to years of experience your goods will be in safe hands with us.

Superfast from barge to warehouse

Spierings Smart Logistics are ‘close friends’ with its neighbour, container terminal BCTN. So close, that it was decided to make an automatic gate between the two sites. This way containers do not need to go onto the public road with a truck. The containers are grabbed from the barge and immediately placed in front of one of the unloading docks of Spierings. A nice and sustainable solution that saves time and money.

» only a few metres from the container barge to the warehouse

Smart Warehousing

Flexible storage

Spierings Smart Logistics has at its disposal modern and well secured warehousing space. Goods can be stored in racks or in bulk at floor locations. Appropriate storage capacity is also available for outsized products. For the storage of customs goods a separate area is offered. We will always work closely together with you and will gladly advise you about storage which will best fit your products. This often results in a solution whereby a customer needs less space than initially anticipated.

Quality and safety

We like a well-managed and tidy operation. That is immediately apparent in our warehouses. We have well organised warehouses with full focus on a safe and tidy way of working. Your products will be handled with due care. Customers will have one point of contact in our organisation. This person will know your company, will be well informed about your desires and demands, will work with you pro-actively and will advise you when work can be done more efficiently or in a better way. At Spierings Smart Logistics you can count on service of the highest quality.

Flexible rental agreements

At Spierings Smart Logistics you can rent warehouse space for short periods, without being stuck with a rental agreement for a number of years. In our SMART HUB we have available a diverse range of logistics real estate. This way we can be very flexible in rapidly increasing square metres in line with your growing demand or, if the situation so requires, to quickly reduce space.

Smart Services

Logistics consultancy

Spierings Smart Logistics can advise and help you to organise your logistics processes as efficiently as possible. Together we will review your entire supply chain. Thanks to our many years of experience and our vast logistics know-how we often see points of improvement of which our customers had never thought of before. This often leads to cost reductions and significantly shorter lead-times. And to very satisfied customers!

Collaborative Smart Investment

Spikes in volumes can destabilise a supply chain. Rushing can lead to unsafe and stressful situations. At Spierings Smart Logistics we see it as our obligation to discuss this with our customer. In order to see how we can let the supply chain function in the most optimum way. And how we can keep issues like ‘idle’ time and sick leave to an absolute minimum. Adjustments in way of planning, deployment of different material handling equipment and the usage of alternative docks are just some examples of the many possibilities for improvement. Together with the customer we invest in an efficient and sustainable supply chain: for us that is an important part of our corporate social responsibility.

Value Added Logistics

Besides loading/unloading and the storage of goods, Spierings Smart Logistics also offers a wide range of additional logistics services. The re-packing or un-packing of your goods, applying labels or price tags or the verification of returned goods are examples of services which we can perform for you in a professional manner. The approach here is also that we are always looking for smart solutions to do the work in the most efficient way, in order to give you an excellent service as quickly as possible.

Bundling of goods flows

By continuously monitoring and aligning the logistics processes of our customers, we are regularly able to create attractive combinations. Customers which are able to share a container or a truck, because both flows are going to the same destination. This is efficient, cost effective and sustainable. This is yet another area where we would like to closely work together with our customers in order to be able to provide you with improvement proposals.

Our plus points

CUSTOMIZED LOGISTICS The foundation of Spierings Smart Logistics consists of 3 building blocks: smart loading & unloading, smart warehousing and smart services. With these services we offer our customers logistics solutions which seamlessly connect to their requirements. Whether it is one specific part of the logistics chain or the complete supply chain: we always offer bespoke solutions of the highest quality.
SMART PLANNING By continuously monitoring and aligning the logistics processes of our customers we can regularly make attractive combinations. For example, sharing a container or a truck. This is efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.
EXCELLENT LOCATION in 's-Hertogenbosch Spierings Smart Logistics can be found at an excellent location: immediately adjacent to the container terminal, close to the motorways A2 and A59 and near Eindhoven Airport. This will enable our customers to fully benefit from the multi-modal connections with important hubs in and outside of the Netherlands.
STEVEDORING as craft Traditionally Spierings Smart Logistics is a stevedoring company. For us stevedoring is a craft in which we have much experience and know-how. We spend much time and effort on training our stevedores for doing their job competently and skilfully. Loading and unloading swiftly, efficiently and safely can give the customer substantial benefits.
FLEXIBLE storage and accommodation Spierings Smart Logistics has at its disposal a wide range of modern and well secured warehousing space. This enables us to quickly react to a customer’s requirements. Either for a short period or for a longer term. We are highly flexible with this: we can expand with the customer’s needs or will cut back if the situation so dictates.


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